Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over Ear Headphone Review

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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over Ear Headphone Review & Buying Guide. How Great musical you can get from Skullcandy crusher. Let’s review this beast and you will know what experience you are gonna experience from this lovely wirless headphone.
Are you a bass lover? Do you love having a clear bass experience with crisp sound quality? Well, if this is what you expect from a headphone then this headphone can be the best bluetooth headphone under 100 dollars.

General Specifications

This is only 9.7 ounces headphone which is simply lightweight with a good sound delivery capability. It’s powered by a lithium battery which can give you 2 hours backup with 10 minutes of charge only. On a full charged battery it can run for 40 hours as advertised. From personal experience it can be alive for 35+ hours with single charge. Let’s have a look of some initial specs..
Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon


For last 4 years this headphone is being sold with ease and has very good customer reviews in Amazon. As per their site review it has been rated 4.6 over 5. Which is great for a product.

Experience of Skullcandy Crusher In Real Life

Friends, this is orinjoy here with a real life experience of skullcandy crusher wireless over ear headphone which I have used for a 6 months. Through this review session I will discuss on design & durability, sound quality obviously, battery life and last but not the least about packaging. Unusual but some people find it useful. Soo, let’s start with design..

Build Quality & Durability

After using headphones like AKG K550, Sennheiser HD598, AKG K701 and Sony XB950BT etc. I must say this one is really something else. A great build quality with a tremendous design and strong durability.


This skullcandy crusher wireless headphone headphone is made solid, particularly given Skullcandy’s awful history of build quality. It’s a metal band used in the body with premium pleather memory foam earpads, and a pleasant pleather feeling on the scarf. Design is typical but simple. Actually there is not enough room to change design of over ear headphones as my opinion. The cans are heavy but not so much that might create discomforts.
Score According To Me: 8/10

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphone Features

Bluetooth is a great medium of streaming sound with quality. It offers a sense of noise cancelling though it’s actually simply PASSIVE noise cancelling (active noise cancellation is unavailable), that is okay on behalf of me. The buttons unit simply traditional like every alternative wireless headphones like – Volume up, Volume down, Play/Pause/Call button. All are okay or I might say the best possible setup I could expect from a BT headphone.
Score According To Me: 9.5/10

Sound Quality Is Awesome

If you really wanna know how it feels to listen with crusher my suggestion will be, just drop by your nearest BestBuy and hear them. I’ve had five coworkers who listened with my baby and they were completely blown away with the bass.
However, even with the bass because the lowest setting, you continue to notice the upper mids quite recessed. Highs notes are solid as well as hyper-bass is kind of truthful. Bass Skewed U shape that feels so warm and pleasant to my ears. This might not be good for everybody specially not for the producers, mixers or engineers.
If you are music lover and listen English Music like metal, rock much this will really make you feel out of the world. You will feel like a surrounding music experience with this little baby. It’s not like bass is high means treble is not clear. Sound clarity is very crisp and crystal like you can feel even a sound of drop of water.
Score According To Me: 9/10

Design At Last

Actually, I am not very happy with the skullcandy crusher bluetooth headphone design. The earpads do not swivel horizontally and vertically. which will feel all-time bottom of the pad clamps your head more if you got an outsized (big) head like mine. You’re feeling little bit of pressure beneath your ear after keeping this in your ear for a little amount of your time, resulting in additional clamping fatigue than desired.


4 Colors Available: Black, Deep Red, White & Olive.

The bass radiators are a small amount of a pain since if you have got something hit the headphones, or if you faucet thereon, or if you step too arduous, you’re feeling a really low twang within the headphones, even if they are off. Though I am not really worried of it for the positive sound it provides.
Score According To Me: 7/10

Battery Life

This is truly amazing as you charge it for nearly 10 of a minutes and you are good to go for 2 hours of music. As advertise it can run continuously for 40 hours on a single charge but I got 36-37 hours backup in real which is great and far better than other alternatives in the market.
Score According To Me: 10/10

What’s On the Box

skullcandy crusher wireless over ear headphone has typical contents and accessories in the box. One bag (not arduous therefore it offers zero protection) with storage pockets for cords; power or charge small USB, aux cord, manual.
Score According To Me: 8/10

Overall What I Feel

Well, it’s not a tough decision at all to decide whether you are buying this or not. If you ask me I will say shut up n take my money. Yes, you can buy this one without thinking much.
Overall Score: 8.7/10

Skullcandy Crusher Pros & Cons

Most Interesting part and I know you are waiting for this. So not being so detailed as I already told much let’s have a look on the top points to be taken into count before buying.


  1. Best Bass Experience
  2. Crisp Sound and balanced.
  3. Battery Life and charging are the best thing
  4. Build quality much improved
  5. Proper button placement & necessary buttons are present


  1. Design is okay. I mean Not so eye catchy
  2. Build Quality is good but could be more flexible.
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This is my first review of headphones in clublyrics therefore I thought to put this up infront of you. Best thing first this is what I believe. I usually do review of headphones and let me know if you need more information regarding this or if you need to know about any other headphones.
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